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Visionary Author Frederick A. Delk Unveils Revolutionary Stratagem in "Black Paper: Black American Homeland"

"Black Paper: Black American Homeland" by Frederick Delk is now available on and Ingramspark for $24.99. ISBN: 9798988183907 LCCN: 2023909818

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Delkism or Regionalism: The USA to Transform Into This Vision by 2050

Frederick Delk, just released his book, "Black Paper: Black American Homeland" This work presents a revolutionary vision that offers a blueprint for the future

50 million Black Americans can Attain Super Majority Population and Political Control of a Contiguous Region of States Legally, Legitimately and Orderly Through Peaceful Democratic Means”
— Frederick A. Delk

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, September 26, 2023 / -- Visionary Author Frederick A. Delk Unveils Revolutionary Stratagem in "Black Paper: Black American Homeland"

Frederick A. Delk, an innovative thinker and author, has just released his groundbreaking book, "Black Paper: Black American Homeland, Super Majority Black Region of States, Great Reverse Migration." This compelling work presents a revolutionary vision that challenges the status quo and offers a blueprint for the future.

In a Nation where 50 million Black Americans find themselves in a minority position across all 50 States, in 3,100 Counties and 36,000 Cities and Towns, Frederick Delk boldly calls for a transformative solution. His vision centers on the idea of The Great Reverse Migration, encouraging 50 million Black Americans to consolidate 80% of their population, around 40 million individuals, into the 8 States Southern Region (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Tennessee). This move would provide Black Americans with a Super Majority population and, subsequently, Political Control over these States. Approximately 20%, or 10 million Black Americans, could choose to remain in the other 42 States.

The rationale behind this vision is grounded in the Powers and Authorities Reserved to States by the Government System of Federalism and the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution. States offer Black Americans the capacity to Make and Enforce laws, Control State Institutions, Manage State and Local Court Systems, Control the State National Guards and State Defense Forces, Regulate Conduct of Individuals and Corporations, levy taxes, Charter Black-Owned Corporations and
Financial Institutions, and Control Critical Infrastructures, Territory-Land, and Eminent Domain powers. State governments, despite being historically perceived as a hindrance to Black American progress, can be transformed into enablers of progress with Super Majority Population and Political Control over Several States.

The 8 States Southern Region, spanning 394,000 square miles, with a population of 50 million, boasts a combined GDP of $3.0 trillion. State budgets, inclusive of federal government transfer payments, approach nearly $800 billion, while the combined wealth, including land, buildings, roads, and critical infrastructures etc., ranges from $15 to $20 trillion.

Under Frederick Delk's visionary plan, the Black American Homeland would be governed by 8 Black American Governors, possess 16 Black American US Senators, Gain Control over the Supreme Courts of the 8 Southern States, boast a Super Majority of the 1,500 State Legislators and State Senators as Black Americans and Secure Authority over the 80 Electoral College Votes. Moreover, a Super Majority of the combined 80,000 State and Local elected positions being held by Black individuals, including an 80% Black personnel Police department and Black American Judges, would reflect this transformative change.

Frederick Delk's revolutionary vision hinges on the projected reduction in the White population in the coming decades. By 2050, it is projected that Whites will comprise just 42% of the USA population, while Black Americans will exhibit moderate growth, fueled in part by an influx of Black Caribbean, Black South American, Black Hispanics, individuals identifying as Black and two or more races, and African immigrants.

Frederick Delk's visionary concept, known as "Delkism," anticipates a division of the USA into Ethnic and Racial Regions of States. According to this paradigm, Hispanics and Mexicans will consolidate into the Southwestern Region of States, Black Americans into the Southeastern Region, Conservative Republican Whites into the Pacific Northwestern and Rocky Mountain States, Liberal Democrat Whites into the Midwest and Northeast States, and several Multiracial States alongside Hawaii, the only Super Majority Asian State.

This groundbreaking and visionary idea represents a unique perspective never before considered in such depth. While some may view it as ambitious and challenging, history has shown that phenomena like White Flight are real and can significantly influence demographics.

"Black Paper: Black American Homeland" by Frederick Delk is now available on and Ingramspark for $24.99. ISBN: 9798988183907 LCCN: 2023909818
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